seal of utahNearly everyone throughout the United States is familiar with the law that to consume or purchase alcohol the individual must be over the age of 21 years old. This law holds up in all 50 states and was create to protect our nations youth. This has not always been the legal drinking age in the United States, at one point the legal age varied state to state. This was until the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 was passed. With this as the United States law there are other laws within each individual state, some stricter than others. The overall goal of alcohol laws is to protect the states residents from the dangers of alcohol.

Utah’s Alcohol Laws

The overall goal of Utah’s states laws is to protect its residents from the dangers of alcohol use and abuse. The sale of alcoholic beverages has been regulated by the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (UDABC) since two years after the end of prohibition in 1935. The state of Utah has a monopoly over the wholesaling and retailing of alcoholic beverages. The state is not alone but one of 18 control states with then alcohol laws.

Today Utah’s law states that there is a limit of 4 percent alcohol by volume in beer to be sold in grocery, convenience stores, taverns, beer bars, restaurants and other establishments operating under a “beer only” type license. State liquor stores, package agencies, clubs and restaurants that are licensed to sell liquor are able to sell beer over 4 percent by volume. Utah laws also state that alcohol may not be sold past 1am in any commercial facilities.

Is Religion a Factor in Utah State Laws?

Many residents throughout the state of Utah are members to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The church teaches its member against the consumption of alcohol. With such a strong Mormon community within Utah the alcohol laws within the state have become strict in comparison to other states throughout the Nation.

Other Alcohol Beverage Control States

  1. Alabama
  2. Idaho
  3. Iowa
  4. Maine
  5. Maryland
  6. Michigan
  7. Mississippi
  8. Montana
  9. New Hampshire
  10. North Carolina
  11. Ohio
  12. Oregon
  13. Pennsylvania
  14. Vermont
  15. Virginia
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