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Does BCBS Federal Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

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If you are suffering from an drug or alcohol abuse problem you do not need to any longer. There is help out there for you. Your plan with Blue Cross And Blue Shield Federal Employee Program will cover nearly all of your substance abuse treatment expenses.

Are There Out Of Pocket Costs With Substance Abuse Treatment?

Each plan with BCBS Federal is different, to determine any out of pocket cost please explore your member benefits by visiting on the web or by phone. There is an out of pocket limit on expenses of $5,500 for yourself or $7,500 for your family, this is the most that you could pay during the year for your share of the cost of covered services. This limit helps you plan for healthcare expenses.

In-Network Providers

To get the best treatment and coverage for your care it is important to go to an in-network provider. A list of Preferred providers is available at If you use an in-network doctor or other health care provider, this plan will pay some or all of the costs of covered services. Be aware, your in-network doctor or hospital may use an out-of-network provider for some services.

No Referral Needed

You can see the specialist you choose without permission from Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal plan. While it is still advised to visit your primary care provider before making the choice to start treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, you do not need to for your insurance plan to cover costs of treatment.



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