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10 Reasons to Quit Drinking

Editor Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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Many start drinking alcohol at a young age, thinking of it a a right of passage into adult hood, not to mention the peer pressures they face. While most young people do not develop a dependency to alcohol immediately, over time with regular alcohol abuse they will develop signs of alcohol dependency, eventually falling victim to the disease alcoholism.

Why you should Quit Drinking Alcohol

1.) Persevere your health

When drinking alcohol you are damaging vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, and pancreas. With the main organ facing major damage being the liver, many with severe alcohol abuse problems suffer from various liver diseases such as cirrhosis and fatty liver disease.

A common misconception is that drinking alcohol on a regular basis is good for their heart, while it does offer some benefits when abusing alcohol over a long period of time and in excess you are causing more harm than good.

2.) Save Money

An alcohol drinking habit is costly, as you know. When alcohol consumes your thoughts and actions it too will consume your wallet. When quitting drinking you will see an increase in spending cash and you will be able to focus on the important financial matters in your life, maybe even start saving.

3.) Improving Relationships

Alcohol abuse may have caused breaks in your relationships. Friends and family do not want to watch you destroy yourself, however they do want to see you pick up the pieces and start living a life of sobriety. When quitting drinking you can mend these broken relationships and start a new.

4.) Free Time

When quitting drinking you will find that you have a lot more free time. The hours spent focusing on drinking more alcohol can now be used for more productive tasks such as house hold repairs, fun hobbies, spending time with loved ones and improving your overall life.

5.) Improvement of Your Work Performance

You will notice gradually that your focus will be much better, you will be sharp as a tack and able to preform work tasks as you once were before your drinking problem began. This can lead to promotions and a great advance in your career.

6.) Putting Your Focus Where it Counts

If you are a parent you know the disappointment your children have felt at the hands of your drinking problem. When quitting drinking you will be able to put your priorities straight and focus on your children, making it to school and sport events, the things that matter most to them.

7.) Time to Work on Your Recovery

When drinking there are many reasons you can’t quit drinking, why you can make it to meeting and so on. When quitting drinking you will have the time to work on your recovery and go to regular meeting to have the support needed to maintain your sobriety.

8.) Time with Your Wife/Husband

Your drinking problem has not only been a burden on you but your spouse as well. They have been responsible for maintaining your household this entire time and lacking the attention they need and deserve in your relationship. When quitting drinking you can spend the time needed to rebuild and maintain your spousal relationship.

9.) Further Your Education

When quitting drinking you can now focus on bigger and better things. This could be furthering your education and building your academic future.

10.) You Owe it to Yourself

Alcohol has devastating effects on your life, things that you would wish on your worst enemy. You are better than your addiction and owe it to yourself to quit drinking once and for all.

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