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What is the alcohol content of beer, wine, and common liquor?

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Alcohol has been used as a social past time throughout history. Most who drink alcohol are able to do so in moderation and stop its use when they choose. Others easily fall victim to alcohols addictive ways and crave more alcohol to provide them with a sense of pleasure and normalcy. With the alcohol content of beer, wine and common liquors various so are the affects it has on the individual and its addictive aspects.

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Alcohol Content of Beer, Wine, and Liquor | Courtesy of NIAAA


Each type of alcohol has its own alcohol content by volume. Certain states have laws only allowing up to a certain alcohol content. The average alcohol content of beer from the United States is 4% per volume. Imported beer usually has a higher alcohol content per volume with Belgium beer having 8%.


Just as with beer the alcohol content of wine varies with each individual type. Certain states too have laws only allowing up to a certain alcohol content by volume. Most wine has an alcohol percentage of between 9% and 15.5%. However, there is also fortified wine that can have an alcohol content of well over 20%.


With various types of liquors the alcohol content is different in nearly each one. Just as with beer and wine there are certain liquors that are illegal to sell in some states due to a high alcohol content. Most hard liquors are between 35 and 45 percent alcohol, 40 percent is common. Sweetened and flavored liqueurs are are normally between 15 an 30 percent.

Where to Find The Alcohol Content In Your Drink

To find the alcohol volume of your drink you can simply look at the label. Federal laws require manufactures to place the alcohol content by volume on each label. You can also find any other ingredients in the alcohol beverage you are choosing to drink.

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