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Steps to Quitting Drinking

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Steps to Quitting Drinking

If you are ready to take a plunge and say no more to drinking alcohol then there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your a success and meet your goal of sobriety.

Announce To The World You Want to Quit Drinking

Congrats you have made the choice to quit drinking. Now it is time to announce to the world you are ready to quit and need help. Your friends and family have been waiting for this moment and are more than likely willing to help you in any way possible to help you quit drinking.

Making Big Changes

When quitting drinking you need to make big changes within your lifestyle. This means a change of the old routines that once supported your drinking habit. Old hangout and drinking buddies are the first to go for they might tempt you to start up drinking alcohol again. Replace these old routines, hangouts and buddies with things that will support your sober lifestyle.

Develop a Support System

This is a very important step in quitting drinking. Without a good support system it will be difficult to work through cravings and temptations. Your friends and family will make a great support system. Other support systems can be members of self help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. There you will have others working through their alcohol abuse problem to share their own experiences with alcohol and what has worked to keep them free of alcohol.

Clean House

When quitting drinking you must go through your house and remove any temptation. This means tossing out any alcohol and objects associated with alcohol use. This will help you to maintain your sobriety in a clean, healthy house hold. If you live with someone asking them be respectful and not drink around you or store their alcohol in common areas will help you in quitting alcohol as well.

Seek Help

Even if you feel you can go at it alone seeking out the help of an outpatient or inpatient treatment center will help you work through your alcohol abuse problem in a healthy way, as well as help you to develop sober living techniques to maintain your sobriety throughout your life.


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