From Drunk or Drugging to Jail: A Strong Possibility

Written by ,on 03 August 2016

It’s been said there are only three endings for a lifetime of drug addiction: a mental institution, prison, or death.

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What is Alcoholic Hepatitis?

Written by ,on 28 July 2016

Alcoholic hepatitis is a diseased, inflammatory condition of the liver caused by excessive alcohol consumption over an extended period of

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Having CARF Accreditation Matters in Addiction Treatment Programs

Written by ,on 19 July 2016

Addiction Treatment Providers – CARF Accreditation Matters! CARF Accreditation is a sign of quality and is a public seal of trust

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Drunk Driving

Written by ,on 26 April 2016

Alcohol can make you do some dumb things. One of the dumbest you could ever do is drive drunk. Each

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Legal Consequences of Addiction

Written by ,on 15 April 2016

Regardless to if you have lived a life of crime or are a law-abiding citizen if you fall victim to

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Driving Under the Influence

Written by ,on 15 April 2016

Driving under the influences is not only a crime but it is a risk not worth taking as you are

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What are the 5 Types of Alcoholics?

Written by ,on 15 January 2015

Recent studies show that there are roughly eight million people in the United States who could be diagnosed for alcohol

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Facts about Social Anxiety

Written by ,on 30 December 2014

It is difficult for some people to understand, but social anxiety is a major health problem that affects many people

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Childhood Trauma can Impact your Life Today

Written by ,on 08 December 2014

For some people, such as those with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, it can be difficult to pinpoint when

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How To Help an Addict When it is Your Adult Child

Written by ,on 16 July 2014

Addiction is a disease that affects the family as a whole. When your adult child is an addict, especially when

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