Federal Law Protects Patients with Mental Illness and/or Addiction: Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act

Written by ,on 07 April 2017

When it comes to the medical side of health insurance, it is safe to say we have all experienced frustration

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A Joystick that Stops Drinking Relapses

Written by ,on 30 December 2016

Relapse is the biggest problem recovering alcoholics face. An overwhelming 90% of alcoholics will relapse within their first four years

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More Alcohol Ads, More Underage Drinking

Written by ,on 04 October 2016

No other substance is abused more by our youth than alcohol. One third of 15-year-olds have abused alcohol at least

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DUI VS DWI: Bad Idea Either Way

Written by ,on 07 September 2016

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is different than driving under the influence (DUI) in a couple of ways. How they are

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Is Alcoholism Hereditary? Studies Suggest Yes

Written by ,on 02 September 2016

We all have a choice to drink or not. Whether you come from a long line of hard alcoholics or

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Uber Prevents Drunk Driving? Study says no

Written by ,on 23 August 2016

There are 121 million occurrences of drunk-driving in America each year. Only one percent of the drunk drivers get arrested

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Alcohol Research Being Funded by Alcohol Companies: Bad Idea

Written by ,on 18 August 2016

It is not an uncommon practice for industry research to be funded by the companies that make what’s being researched.

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Written by ,on 08 August 2016

CARA, the Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act, utilizes treatment and science-based recovery methods for addicts, and spreads education regarding abuse

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The Rise of Alcohol Free Bars & Clubs

Written by ,on 05 August 2016

The drinks look good: vibrant reds and greens; fresh mint and crushed ice bursting from the glass; petals; a rim

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Good Samaritan Law Update – 2 Bills in Michigan House of Representatives

Written by ,on 04 August 2016

A good samaritan, as defined in legal terms by US Legal, is “someone who renders aid in an emergency to

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