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Don’t Let Alcohol Rehab Cost Deter You From Treatment

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When you think of entering into an alcohol rehab do you think of the treatment you will receive or do you see big dollar signs and turn away? Do not be deterred by costs, an alcohol rehab can help you over come your addiction and take back control of you life. Most alcohol rehabs, both private and government run, will work with you to make your treatment affordable. If you are insured you do not need to worry, the alcohol rehab will work with your insurance company to get full coverage for your treatment.

Alcoholism is a Disease

In the 1950’s the American Medical Association declared that alcoholism in an incurable but treatable disease. Since this time nearly all insurance companies cover the cost of treatment for alcoholism. However many cap off the treatment costs at $14,000 to $20,000 at which time the remaining cost of treatment will come out of your or your families pocket.

The Cost For Alcohol Rehab Treatment

The average daily cost for residential alcohol treatment is $650. For those looking for a luxury treatment facility with private rooms the cost is a minimum of $1000 per day. The average stay within a residential treatment facility is 28 to 30 days, costing you $28,000 or more in treatment costs.

Remember, even though the cost of treatment is high, you’re insurance company will cover it most of the time. Your deductible and co-pay will also have flexible terms with the facility. Especially if you seek out one of the top treatment centers.

Covering The Remaining Costs

What your insurance does not cover is your responsibility to repay. Do not stress over this. The goal is to help you get sober and stay sober. This is why alcohol rehabs make it affordable for you to get the care you need by offering financing programs to cover the remaining costs, allowing you time to pay for your care.

Getting Sober and Staying Sober

You do not need to stress about the cost of alcohol rehab. It will not stop you from getting the quality care you need to get and stay sober. With insurance and other financing options you will be able to cover the cost of care, treat this horrible disease and stay sober.

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