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Does BCBS of Minnesota cover drug and alcohol rehab?

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Millions of people worldwide are affected by drug or alcohol addiction. Their lives are turned upside down as they suffer the devastating effects of addiction. You do not need to suffer any longer, turning to a drug and alcohol rehab will help you to regain control and begin living a sober and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Don’t Let Treatment Costs Scare You Away

Drug and alcohol treatment comes with a big price tag, regardless to if you go to a government, private or luxury treatment facility. Just as it is for most people, is cost a concern for you? Well, rest assured that your Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota Health Care Plan will help to cover the cost of drug and alcohol treatment.

Your Coverage with BCBS of Minnesota

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Minnesota Health Care Programs are government-funded programs that help individuals and families with limited incomes and persons with disabilities pay for their medical care. Members of BCBS are covered for mental health and substance abuse treatment within the plans in-network service providers. Each plan is different, cost sharing and other limits may apply to your plan.

Rewards for a healthy lifestyle

Some Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota Plus plans offer you reward cards for making healthy choices. The program offers you access to tools and resources that will help you in making healthy choices to live a sober and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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