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What is the alcohol content of beer, wine, and common liquor?

Written by ,on 06 April 2019

Alcohol has been used as a social past time throughout history. Most who drink alcohol are able to do so

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Calories in Alcohol

Written by ,on 13 November 2018

When you go out for a drink, do you think about how many calories you’re consuming? Many people who struggle

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Urine Alcohol Tests: What You Need to Know

Written by ,on 18 August 2014

Many people are asked to take a urine alcohol test as a condition of employment, or in the event that

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What is Denatured Alcohol?

Written by ,on 05 February 2013

It is a common question, what is denatured alcohol? Denatured Alcohol is ethanol (ethyl alcohol) that has been made unfit

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The Best Ways to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Written by ,on 28 November 2012

The Best Ways to Quit Drinking Alcohol An Alcohol Abuse Problem, specifically Alcoholism, is overwhelming disease that can reshape your

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The Benefits of Quitting Alcohol: Prolong your life.

Written by ,on 09 November 2012

Alcohol use has been viewed as socially acceptable throughout history. In fact studies show that one glass of wine daily

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