Is Coffee The Real Cure For a Hangover?

Published on March 11th, 2013
Coffee Hangover


Alcohol acts as a diuretic. It depletes the body of water it needs to push the chemicals and toxins related to alcohol use from the body. This is why it is recommended to drink a lot of water, to keep yourself hydrated as best as possible when hungover. The fluids will help flush the body of these chemicals and toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed.

To Drink Coffee or Not To Drink Coffee?

Medical professionals will advise you to avoid drinking thick beverages when hungover, meaning leave coffee behind until you are feeling better. Well at least caffeinated coffee. While the caffeine may give you increased energy to lessen your fatigue from the hang over it also acts as a diuretic just as alcohol which can further dehydrate you.

If not Coffee Then What Should I Drink?

Water is the best thing for you when you are dehydrated. You can drink kids’ Pedialyte even to help your body get back the electrolytes and help your body to rid itself from the chemicals an toxins related to alcohol use. The faster you restore fluid to your body the better you will feel.

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