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Does Value Options cover drug and alcohol rehab?

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Addiction is a serious disease that causes damage to ones health as well as their social, personal and professional life. Just as like many other diseases without the appropriate treatment, addiction can be fatal. As a Value Options member you can find relief in knowing they offer their members with behavioral health benefits.

Getting The Help You Need

Value Options works directly with drug and alcohol rehab centers throughout the country. Those with Plan I membership will pay little to no money out of pocket for the treatment the truly need to get well within a Drug or alcohol rehab center. For coverage of your treatment you must choose a provider from a list of in-network providers, this can be found on Value Options web page or by contacting the members benefits center.

Value Options Plan I Covers Detox Services

Your member coverage may even cover detoxification, which can be a crucial stage in your treatment. Detox is typically covered under the hospital benefits section of your plan. These services are only covered when using network providers, except in emergency situations. Unfortunately Plan II members are not covered for these Detox services.

The Length of Treatment Covered

Value Options typically only covers short term treatment. However the length of treatment will be determined by the treatment plan put in place by the drug and alcohol rehab center. This means your length of treatment covered varies case by case.

Coverage For Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment services are covered under the hospital benefit for Plan I members. The treatment must be preapproved by Value Options and the facility you choose must come off the in-network providers list.

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