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The Top Ten 12 Step Rehab Centers

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Top 10 AA Rehab Programs

When choosing an AA-based rehab program, it is important to consider the centers that have a good reputation for providing high quality service and a high rate of success.

While there are thousands of rehab programs throughout the country, you have to look for the one that has the 12 step program that is best for you.

Here are the top 10 AA rehab programs in the United States:

1. Solutions Recovery Center

solutions recovery centerLocated in Delray Beach, Florida, Solutions Recovery Center is the top facility in the country for AA rehab.

When it comes to treatment of alcoholism, Solutions provides personalized care and a program meant to yield positive results.

Visit: https://www.solutionsrehab.com/

2. Betty Ford Center

betterfordA favorite among celebrities and athletes, the Betty Ford Center, located in California, provides some of the best treatment for alcohol addiction in the country.

Inpatient, outpatient, and residential treatment programs ensure that you get the help you need in a setting that best suits you and your family.

Visit: https://www.bettyfordcenter.org/index.php

3. Promises Treatment Center

promises-treatment-centerWith multiple locations, Promises Treatment Center has what it takes to help anybody who is suffering from an alcohol addiction.

Much the same as the Betty Ford Center, hundreds of celebrities have turned to this facility in the past for treatment.

Visit: https://www.promises.com/

4. Pasadena Recovery Center

Founded in 2000, since day one this recovery center has been providing those with an alcohol addiction with the help they need to get their life back on track.

With a 98 bed capacity, those who receive treatment at the Pasadena Recovery Center are guaranteed to work through a personalized program that leads to positive results.

Visit: https://www.pasadenarecoverycenter.com/

5. Caron Foundation

The Caron Foundation has nine facilities, with eight in the United States and one in Bermuda. That being said, its Wernersville, Pennsylvania location is most well known.

With the help of the AA 12 step program, the Caron Foundation has a high rate of success, which attracts patients from all walks of life.

Visit: https://www.caron.org/

6. Sierra Tucson

Rated as one of the best residential treatment programs for addictions, this facility has positively impacted the lives of many people with an alcohol addiction.

Sierra Tucson is one of the older facilities on this list, having been founded in 1983. Over the years, they have tweaked their program to ensure the best results among patients.

Visit: https://sierratucson.crchealth.com/

7. Hazelden Treatment Centers

Hazelden has locations throughout the county, including: Minnesota, Florida, New York, Oregon and Illinois.

Through the use of a 12 step based program, Hazelden has treated thousands of patients through its not-for-profit alcohol rehab centers since being founded in 1949.

Visit: https://www.hazelden.org/


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