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Top 10 EHR’s for Behavioral Health Facilities

Editor Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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Every behavioral health facility understands the importance of implementing a high quality electronic health records system. While some have made the right decision, others continue to lag behind, wondering what they can do to improve in this area of their business.

With so many EHR’s to choose from, it can be a challenge to make a final decision. However, some systems are known to provide a higher level of performance and features than others.

Here are the top 10 EHR’s for behavioral health facilities:


vFrom the features to the functionality, is a top provider of electronic health records. The web based platform, combined with a streamlined approach, allows users to save time, money, and headaches.

2. Sigmund

sigmundThis system is robust, powerful, and full of features that make life easier on behavioral health facilities.

3. WRS Health

logoHome-WRS-MainWhen it comes to complete solutions, WRS is one of the top companies in the industry.

4. Qualifacts

There is a lot to like about Qualifacts, including its web based system and history dating back to 2000.

5. Valant

As one of the biggest names in the industry, Valant has been assisting behavioral health facilities for many years.

6. Kareo

This web based software is built with one thing in mind: to help medical professionals focus more on care and less on backend business, such as records.

7. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is an ADP company, which shows that it means business. From organizing to collecting payments, there is nothing this software can’t do.

8. GE Healthcare

Many people find it hard to believe that GE is dabbling in this space, but its EHR system has gained steam over the years.


The primary benefit of this software suite is that it was built specifically for mental health care professionals and facilities.

10. EncounterWorks

EncounterWorks does everything well, but nothing great. A solid solution for many behavioral health facilities.

Our Roundup

Behavioral health facilities want nothing more than to help patients, but to ensure the highest level of care they must have a solid EHR system in place. is the top player in this category, with many other options falling in line.

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