Best Drug Rehab Centers in the United States

Published on January 15th, 2015

When suffering from drug addiction you need to know where to turn, where you can get the help needed to get sober. While there are thousands of Drug Rehab Centers throughout the Nation it is important to know your options in order to find the best treatment option for your individual recovery needs. The best drug rehabs in the United States have been compiled into a top ten list.

The Top Drug Rehab Centers in the US

1) The Recovery Team

The Recovery Team is a specialized drug and alcohol treatment center located in Lake Park, Florida. With over 20 years of experience, they’ve helped thousands of people get off drugs and begin living life in recovery. Their waterfront property combined with compassionate licensed professionals make it the perfect place for you or your loved one to get help.

Treatment at the Recovery Team is tailored for each person’s needs and nobody is left to fend for themselves once treatment is complete. Their extensive alumni program helps clients keep in touch with the center with consistent follow ups, alumni events, and more. See their property below and check out their website for full program information.


2) Indiana Center for Recovery

indiana-center-for-recoveryIndiana Center for Recovery is located in Bloomington, Indiana. ICFR understands that not everyone recovers the same way, and that’s why they are not a “one-size, fits all” type of drug rehab center. They start from scratch with each and every person who walks through their doors, taking into considerations of what the person has been through, and how to overcome them.

Located in the town’s university medical community, professionalism is the standard. They offer many types of alternative therapies such as equine therapy, sleep hygiene program, mindful nutrition, and much more. See the full list of programs they offer on their website.

3) Decision Point Center

decision point logo

Decision Point Center, located in beautiful Prescott, Arizona is our #3 best drug rehab in the United States. DPC is staffed by highly specialized, licensed clinical professionals, and has a great reputation with its alumni. They treat all types of drug addictions ranging from opiates, opioids, alcohol, cocaine, and many other illicit substances.

Decision Point Center utilizes group and individual therapy sessions including cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR and Relapse Prevention. Learn more about their fantastic drug rehab programs on their website.


4) The Caron Foundation

caronThe Caron foundation helps people throughout the nation with locations within Princeton, Texas; Wernersville, PA; and Boca Raton, Florida. It is only one of two treatment centers in the Nation with affiliations to The University of Pennsylvania, keeping the foundation advanced on all treatment practices and scientific research. The Caron holds national recognition as a non-profit providers of alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

At the center each clients individual needs will be met while working through their addiction, all clinical programs used will be tailored to their individual needs. Here people can find cutting-edge addiction treatment, receiving the most effecting research evidenced-based practices, cognitive behavior services, a 12-step model of treatment and motivational interviewing. People of all ages are welcome The Caron Foundation where they will receive the treatment needed to overcome their addictions in a safe and therapeutic way.

5) Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

bhopBehavioral Health of the Palm Beaches Inc has grown from a 12 bed residential program to a 200 bed continuum of care in a decade and a half since it was established in 1997. This is on of the most up to date treatment centers, offering only the most current treatment, interventions and holistic therapies available today. With its own research and development department making BHOPB on of the only treatment centers of its kind, allowing them to provide each client with the best care available to them. At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches there is a dedication by staff to continue active study and development of no innovative addition treatment models to ensure that each client gets the care they need to prevent relapse and acheive life long sobriety.

6) Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab

indexDuffy’s Napa Valley Rehab has been helping men and women, along with their families, to overcome the affects of alcoholism and drug dependency. Located in Calistoga, California, in the beautiful Napa Valley, Duffy’s is focused on helping patients to heal their mind, body and souls through counseling, educational services, as well as nutritional aid and exercise. Usiung a 12 step treatment model, patients will undergo 28, 60 or even 90 day programs which include a wide array of services.

7) Sundown M Ranch

sundownSundown M Ranch is set on thirty acres in Yakima, Washington, offering a safe and therapeutic environment in a ranch style rehab facility. Sundown has been helping people work through drug and alcohol addictions for over 45 years, assisted 114,000 adolescents, adults and families work through alcohol and drug addictions since opening its doors in 1968. The facility received three Outstanding Clinicians Awards for private psychiatry services provided by Dr. Fred Montgomery at the center in 2009. Sundown M Ranch provide world know treatment programs they help to improve the quality of life of each person to walk through their doors.

8) Sierra Tucson

sierratusconSierra Tucson has been providing effective treatment services people addicted to drug and alcohol since 1983. This treatment center is located in Arizona, welcoming residents and those traveling out of state and even abroad, providing integrated treatment to identify and resolve underlying issues with each client. The facility has helped tens of thousands of people work through various addictions, mental and emotional issues. Sierra Tucson’s 160 acre location provides an environment full of peace and serenity that allows each client to heal physically, mentally and emotionally in comfort.Doctors and staff at Sierra Tucson are dedicated to helping people work through all areas of their addictions, getting them to a point in their lives where you are able to maintain their sobriety and continue on to live a more fulfilling life.

9) Betty Ford Center

betterfordThe famous California celebrity alcohol rehab center, Betty Ford Center, been offering treatment services since 1982. From the time the center opened its doors they have been able to help not only celebrities in their battles with addiction but thousands of people in general find success in sobriety. The Betty Ford Center provides the best treatment available to individuals and their families that are affected by alcoholism and drug addiction. No only do clients at the center receive treatment for physical and psychological healing but they receiving the guidance and support needed to heal spiritually, allowing them to get in touch with a greater force and know that they can achieve life long sobriety.

10) Hazelden Treatment Centers

hazeldonHazelden has become one of the world’s largest and most well respected private not-for-profit alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers since opening its doors in 1949. With locations in Minnesota, Florida, New York, Oregon and Illinois, Hazelden is able to provide treatment services to individuals and their families all throughout the United States, as well as preventative services to the communities they reside in. Hazelden uses a 12 step based program  that helps people through all different stages of treatment and recovery. There are thousands of people turning to Hazelden each year for help, within the treatment centers doors they are able to find the care and support they need to successfully recover from alcoholism and drug addiction.