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Does Optum cover drug and alcohol rehab?

Clinically Reviewed By Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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Substance abuse and addiction are a growing problem throughout the world. Unfortunately more people suffer through their addiction rather than seek out treatment. For many this is because they do not think drug and alcohol rehab is affordable. As an Optum member you can find relief in knowing that the treatment you, or your loved one, needs will cost you little to no money out of pocket.

Getting The Help You Need With Optum

Optum works to provide appropriate and cost effective mental health and substance abuse treatment benefits to their members. Patients are able to receive both outpatient and intensive care management with the help of Optum’s in-network providers.

Outpatient care

Optum realizes the need for proper management of outpatient care. Their proprietary ALERT program allows them to flag risk factors early in treatment, control under- and over-utilization, and ensure greater adherence to evidence-based treatments.

Intensive care management

 Optum focus on avoiding unnecessary hospitalization by providing alternatives that are more appropriate and proven to achieve better outcomes. When a member is admitted to hospitals, Optum’s Care Advocates work with facilities to ensure that treatment follows evidence-based guidelines. When it’s time for the patient to be discharged, Optum will coordinate with families, community services and treating practitioners to ensure that their member is able to achieve their recovery goals.


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