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Does MedMutual Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Clinically Reviewed By Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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Drug and alcohol addiction can be devastating on not only the addict himself but to those closest to him. It is known as a family disease, causing destruction in the lives of the family and close friends. Without treatment, addiction can destroy the individuals health, personal, social and professional life and turn the lives of their loved ones upside down.

Is My Treatment Covered?

If you are a Medical Mutual member you can find relief in knowing that your drug and alcohol rehab treatment is covered with little to no money out of pocket. Most standard plan cover the majority of inpatient and outpatient treatment. You may even be able to use a provider that is not in-network and still have your treatment covered. The amount you pay will also vary by the size of your deductible or if your health care plan has a copay.

How Long of a Length of Stay Will My Insurance Cover?

The duration and length of stay that Medical Mutual will cover varies on your plan and the type of treatment you are receiving. Basic plans normally cover 20 days per calendar year for inpatient treatment programs. If you choose to enter into an outpatient program your insurance should cover 20 consecutive visits.

Finding Treatment That Works

Medical Mutual has a list of in-network providers, all working to get you the help you need to recover from addiction. These in network providers are both private, government, exclusive and luxury facility, each holding its own benefits to your recovery needs. You can find treatment that works with the help of Medical Mutual.

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