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How to give up Drinking Alcohol

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With alcohol nearly everywhere you turn it can seem nearly impossible at times to give up drinking. While it seems impossible now with the help of a recovery treatment center and/or self help groups you can find success in sobriety. No one ever said giving up drinking alcohol would be easy but with the right help and support system you can begin living a more fulfilling, healthy and sober lifestyle today.

The Steps to Take

For many the thought of giving up drinking sends them running in the opposite direction. Withdrawal and cravings can be overwhelming and painful but with the right help you can reach your goal of lifelong sobriety. If you are ready to take the step to meet your goal of sobriety the following are great ways to start your journey:

Announce to the World You are Ready

This is a big step, announcing to the world that you are ready to stop drinking alcohol. When you tell your friends, family, coworkers and so on that you are ready to stop drinking and ask for help you will immediately develop a support system. Your loved ones do not want to see you fail in your recovery but to see you succeed and begin living a happier and healthier life.

Seek Out Help

For most who have an alcohol problem quitting on their own is not an option. With alcohol being a socially acceptable addictive substance it can be difficult to avoid temptations in the beginning. This is why seeking out the help of an alcohol treatment center or self help groups, such as Alcoholic Anonymous, are extremely important.

In a recovery treatment center you will receive the medical care and treatment needed to work through all aspects to your addiction; healing the mind, body and soul. You will learn the key tools needed to maintain your sobriety when in the “real world” as well as developing a strong support system.


For those who choose to use the help of a self help group, such as AA, are able to work through the aspects of their addiction on their own, this is typically for those with a moderate alcohol abuse problem. These self help groups offer advice and knowledge of others experiences with recovery from alcoholism to help you develop the tools you will need to maintain your sobriety as well as to share your own personal journey with alcohol.

Changing Your Lifestyle

Giving up drinking alcohol requires a lifestyle change. This does not mean you need to pack up and move out of state to start fresh but to remove the temptation from your life that once fed your alcohol addiction. There are some simple steps that you can take to change your lifestyle, out with the old in with the new:

  1. Avoid establishments that you once drank in on a regular basis.
  2. Part yourself from regular drinking buddies, they may offer you alcohol making it difficult to say no.
  3. Clean out your home of any alcohol. If you live with others ask them to be respectful of your choice not to drink and keep their alcohol in areas out of site, not to drink in front of you.
  4. Live you amends. When under the influence of alcohol odds are you have said and done things your are not proud of, apologize to those you can and begin to live a life showing you will not make those mistakes again, keeping them in the past.
  5. Rebuild your career. Many lose their jobs as a result of their drinking. Sobriety will help you rebuild your career and possibly advance because you can see clearly again.

Start Your Recovery Today

If you are ready to give up drinking alcohol and say hello to a more fulfilling life of sobriety then start your recovery today. While these are just some steps listed the recovery process is different for each person. It is a journey that will never end and will require regular maintenance and strength. The result will be a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life for you as well as your loved ones.

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