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Core Source Insurance is a Third-Party Administrator (TPA), it is one of the most well-known and respected self-funded employee benefit programs. Core Source provides services to over 900 clients, assisting them through management of health insurance benefits for employees who are self-insured through their employers Employee Assist Programs (EAP) or employer’s company health insurance programs, which may include Health Reimbursement Accounts, (HRA) and Health and Savings Account (HAS). Clients of Core Source Insurance receive flexible spending accounts along with pharmacy benefits and COBRA administration to those employees who fall into COBRA assist programs.

The Parity Act was recently implemented allowing third-party administrators like Core Source Insurance to expand their services to include employee self-funded group health insurance coverage for alcohol and drug rehabilitation services. When the Parity Act was put in place by federal law it changed the mandatory health insurance guidelines for large company employers and shed a new light on the employer benefits of self-funded employee programs. Employees seeking alcohol or drug rehabilitation services can simply check with the Human Resources Department (HR) to confirm the Core Source Insurance Coverage.

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Many employers who do not currently offer alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs to their employees are beginning to rethink this choice, making the change to improve employee health and well-being. These employers are turning to Core Course Insurance as a third-party administrator to provide addiction treatment coverage to their employees,  those currently using their services are happy with their medical health insurance plans for employees.  These benefits are no more restrictive than insurance coverage under typical employee standard medical healthcare insurance

Core Source Insurance not only handles claims and provides exceptional nationwide networks, they also handle inpatient and outpatient participating providers and non-providers. Typical inpatient coverage is limited to forty-five days per calendar year under their Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency coverage program in combination of both participating and nonparticipating providers. Most plans only provide thirty-five sessions per calendar year. The employee is required to pay the deductible of 80%, as with any employer offered health insurance plan. All reasonable and customary charges are then covered by the plan once the deductible has been paid.

Employees can receive a summary of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) with all of Core Source Insurance plans, providing employees with invaluable information of what their third-party administrator services covers. Core Source Insurance is also dedicated to insuring employee privacy in all matters of their drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, following standards and regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).