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Does Amerihealth Cover the Costs of Rehab?

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Amerihealth Rehab Coverage

Alcohol rehab costs are covered by AmeriHealth Insurance under its Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. For coverage of rehab services, they must be deemed medically necessary by the policyholder’s Primary Care Physician (PCP) who then will provide a referral to the Alcohol Rehab.  Magellan Behavioral Health, Inc. manages and delivers AmeriHealth’s alcohol rehab services as the provider network.

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There are different types of plans offered by AmeriHealth Insurance, yours may have a rehab coverage that is limited by a benefit maximum such as the number of allowed visits or the length of treatment. To find out what your AmeriHealth Insurance plan covers for alcohol rehab you can review your contract and member handbook, e-mail or call the Member Service Department where a representative will be able to assist you.

Individuals living in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are eligible for AmeriHealth PPOs. Offering two PPOs, clients can receive inpatient or outpatient treatment for alcohol abuse or alcoholism according to their member benefits.

Individuals living in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are eligible for six different AmeriHealth HMOs. The IHC preferred and the IHC Basic plans cover alcohol rehab costs as a separate entity. The other four HMO plans combine alcohol rehab coverage with non-biologically based mental illness.

The “AmeriHealth New Jersey Protect” is a plan which represents a joint effort between the insurance provider and The New Jersey Individual Health Coverage Program to meet the needs of both uninsured and those who have pre-existing conditions. Together with the AmeriHealth New Jersey Protect offers alcohol rehab coverage in combination with non-biologically based mental illness.

AmeriHealth Insurance do not only offer individual insurance plans, employers of 50 or more employees are eligible for group coverage. Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania employers can start group insurance that offers rehab coverage. Other businesses located throughout the United States can receive special group plans, the Personal Choice PPO that requires providers to be apart of their local Blue Cross/Blue Shield network.

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