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Dealing with Addiction as a Homosexual

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While our Nation is becoming more aware and open minded to the LGBT community there are many stereotypes and prejudices that individuals, like yourself, face each day. Many are overwhelmed by the stress they are faced with by ignorance and often turn to drugs and/or alcohol for relief. While for a short while these addictive substances produce effects to offer them comfort, when worn off they are faced with reality once again.

Addiction can happen to anyone but for those dealing with addiction as a homosexual it can be even more overwhelming. It is important to remember that you are not alone in your addiction and will have individuals who care helping you along with every step of your recovery.

Finding Strength in Sobriety

For any addict it is important to take the first step and admit you have a problem and want help. This announcement can be to friends, family, co workers or medical professionals. When making the choice to kick your addiction and begin sober living it is important to seek out the appropriate help for you addiction. Most find themselves looking into various addiction treatment facilities. While each facility holds its own benefits you may find your success in a specific treatment center, this can be in a faith-based treatment facility, holistic approach, traditional medical treatment, gender specific facilities or even a treatment facility that targets individuals in the LGBT community. Regardless to which treatment facility you choose they will hold similar treatment aspects, helping you to find strength in sobriety.

Entering Into Treatment

When entering into an alcohol treatment center it is important to go through an assessment process, this will help the Doctors and other staff to determine the severity of your addiction as well as your physical and mental status, making it possible to develop an individualized treatment plan. You will then begin working through all aspects of your addiction with the help of trained chemical dependency specialists, many who have too been in the position you are today.


For most with addiction the detox process is necessary to work through the physical aspects of the addiction during the withdrawal period. For many the withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be hard to handle, painful at times. Under the supervision of a medical professional you can receive a non-addictive prescription medication to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal. You will not be alone in this process, there will be 24-7 care and support for Doctors and staff, offering you reassurance that what you are experiencing is normal and soon will pass.

Therapy and Counseling

The overall goal of therapy and counseling is to help you work through the mental and emotional effects of your addiction. With the help of a medical professional trained in chemical dependency you will be able to get to the root cause of your addiction.
When entering into a treatment facility targeted to the LGBT community you will focus on the societal pressures as well as any issues you many have in your life that may have affected you, leading to your addiction. You will also learn key tools required to maintain your sobriety during these various therapy and counseling sessions.
Working through the mental and emotional aspects of your addiction will help you to prepare yourself for the real world and the temptation it holds, as well as help you develop ways to deal with any stress that may have turned you towards drugs and/or alcohol in the past.


Most treatment facilities feel that knowledge is power when it comes to addiction. It is important to know what you’re putting into your body, as well as the short term and long term effects it will have on your health and overall life. Here you too will learn the tools needed to maintain your sobriety.

Starting Your Recovery

There is no part of the recovery process that will be easy. You are going to be faced with a life long battle with addiction, while it will become less overwhelming in time to maintain your sobriety in the beginning it will be difficult. This is why entering into a treatment facility and/or joining a self help group will help you in your goal of lifelong sobriety. Start your recovery today…

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