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When it comes to drug, and alcohol rehabs there are many options. We update the list every Month in order to provide the most up to date information we possibly can.

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It can be difficult to find strength in recovery when struggling with a substance abuse problem or addiction. At times it may feel that every where you turn you are tempted to drink alcohol or use drugs. With how open our society has become with substance abuse, it is clear why you feel so tempted and find it difficult to stop this destructive cycle of abuse. Turning to a Rehab Center in the Texas area you will be able to overcome your addiction once and for all, developing the key tools needed to maintain your sobriety and how to handle temptation when it crosses your path.

#1 Soba Texas

Soba Texas, located in San Antonio, comes in at #1 on’s Best Rehabs in Texas for drug and alcohol addiction. Soba Texas, a Joint Commission Accredited facility, has been helping people beat their addictions since 2014 on their gorgeous 10 acre property. They know that not one size fits all and measure their success by the number of clients who stay clean and sober, not who just go through the program.

Their caring and compassionate team of addiction professionals and licensed therapists are there to help 24/7. As clients begin their program, they begin to gain knowledge and insight revealing the triggers that set you off to abuse drugs and alcohol. See more information on their amazing program and facilities on their site today!

Phone: 855-756-9455

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#2 Promises Austin


Promises Austin is a Joint Commission accredited addiction and dual diagnosis treatment center, offering treatment services to men and women ages 26 and older. The facility is located in the Texas Hill Country,  outside Austin, on on a private nine-acre estate. Promises Austin is designed offers their clients exceptional treatment in a setting that both inspires change and promotes life long sobriety. Promises only accepts 24 clients at a time, this helps to ensure each person gets the individualized care that they need in recovery. With over 27 years of experience, Promises Austin remains focused on providing clients with highly effective, innovative treatment in a beautiful, healing environment.

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#3 Origins Recovery Centers


Origins Recovery Center, South Padre Island, Texas (“SPI”), is surrounded by the natural beauty of the ocean. This facility offers patients a a tropical and tranquil environment to experience the vital process of recovery. Origins offers 30, 60, and 90 treatment programs, as well as 15 month support programs and sober living programs. Each patient will receive a comprehensive continuum of individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment services and recovery support services. Using effective addiction medicine and evidence-based clinical strategies, as well as a 12 step method or treatment, patients are able to overcome their addictions and create a more fulfilling life for themselves in sobriety.

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#4 Caron Texas


Caron Texas is a substance abuse and chemical dependency, treating men and women 18+ years of age in gender-separate facilities. The average length of stay at Caron Texas is 30 day, during this time each patient is given an individual assessment, medical detoxification (when necessary), individual and group counseling, educational lectures, spiritual counseling services, and family education. Using a treatment model guided by Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-Step programs, patients are able to get to the root cause of their addiction, working through it and develop the key skills they will need when leaving Caron Texas.

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#5 La Hacienda Treatment Center


La Hacienda Treatment Center has been providing substance abuse and chemical dependency treatment services since 1972. The facility staffs over 55 licensed professionals including physicians, therapists and nurses, all working to help patients overcome the compulsive craving, seeking, and usage of alcohol and other drugs. Using the 12-Step recovery principles, individual and group counseling, as well as long term after-care planning, patients are able to fully recovery from addiction.

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#6 Burning Tree


Burning Tree is a long term treatment facility for men and women who are suffering from addiction, resulting in chronic relapse. This treatment centers focus is not only on treating addiction, but also preventing a relapse into the old patterns of addiction. The Burning Tree uses the 12-Step program at the core of their treatment program, helping patients rediscovering a lost sense of accountability, of responsibility, and of consistency in the daily lives. Patients are able to break the cycle of chronic relapse with individualized treatment provided by Burning Tree.

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#7 Austin Recovery


Austin Recovery is a non-profit substance abuse and chemical dependency treatment facility that offers the highest standard of accredited care at a reasonable fee. They offer a family-centered treatment program, ensuring that families get the support they need throughout the treatment process as well. Using a 12-Step based treatment approach, patients are able to work through all aspects of their addiction, gain the skills and tools they need to maintain life long sobriety.

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#8 Phoenix House

phoenix house

In 1995, Phoenix House opened its doors in the state of Texas, offering substance abuse treatment and prevention services to people all throughout the area. The continuum of care provided by Phoenix House, recognizes the long-term nature of recovery and provides patients with a wide range of services including; prevention, early intervention, and treatment, continuing care and recovery support. Phoenix House uses innovative, evidence-based treatment methods, helping patients to overcome addiction and live in life long recovery.

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#9 Summer Sky


Summer Sky is a private Texas drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that has been helping people since 1985. Summer Sky ensures that the physical, spiritual and psychological needs of each patient are met during their treatment. The facility offers a home-like environment that promoted healing, offering each patient personalized evidenced base practices to ensure their success in recovery.

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#10 Texas Star Recovery


Texas Star Recovery is a small 28 bed treatment facility, offering substance abuse and chemical dependency treatment services. The facility has a certified addictionologist and a team of specialized physicians and staff to help patients recover from the physical and emotional effects of addiction. Each patient receives individualized treatment, focused on the underlying issues that lead to self-medicating.


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