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indexOdyssey House Inc. is a comprehensive social services agency based in New York City. The facility offers innovative programs that are designed to help individuals and families suffering from substance use disorders, mental illness and medical problems. The Odyssey house works with people of all ages to overcome drug and alcohol problems through comprehensive and innovative treatment services, holistic therapies and other therapeutic activities to help their patients regain control of their lives.

phoenix housePhoenix House has locations in both NYC and upstate NY that offer prevention, early intervention, and treatment to continuing care and recovery support to individuals and their families. Patients are offered with dual diagnosis treatment, inpatient and outpatient programs. Mothers with children are welcome at Phoenix House for their program allows them to stay together during treatment. Close to 2,000 people are helped each day in Phoenix House threw their 20 residential and outpatient programs for adults and adolescents.

2Conifer Park Inc. is a private health care system under management by Liberty Behavioral Management Corp. People suffering from alcoholism and chemical dependency can find cost effective treatment at Conifer Park Inc. The facility is one of the largest and most comprehensive treatment facilities in the Northeast New York. Conifer Park Inc. is regularly updating their treatment techniques to meet the needs of patients in the capital district.

3Harlem East Life Plan (H.E.L.P.) is a multi-faceted facility offering co-located services with addiction and general medicine programs. The mission of H.E.L.P. is to promote and maintain sobriety and abstinence while providing the skills, tools and resources necessary to achieve and maintain a “quality lifestyle.” H.E.L.P. is working to change the east Harlem community by providing preventative services and help to those in need.

imagesEast House is a private, non-profit rehabilitation agency. The facility serves over 1,000 clients and families each year as they recover from mental illness and/or chemical dependency through residential, rehabilitation and career service programs.The East House provides treatment plan tailored to each clients individual needs to ensure the success of each patient in treatment.

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