Best Rehab Centers in NJ: Detox Centers & Alcohol Rehabs in New Jersey

New Jersey, the Garden state, is known for its historic shores and proximity to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New York. It has become a hub for manufacturing businesses and travel. New Jersey has also become an innovative state in the drug and alcohol addiction community. New Jersey now has some of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in the United States. We have taken the time to research each treatment center for what types of insurance they can take, their private pay rates, levels of care, and success rates to ensure that you receive the best information available.

#1 CPC Behavioral Healthcare

CPC Behavioral HealthcareCPC Behavioral Healthcare provides evidence-based services in mental health, substance use, special education, and physical health through an integrated system of care designed to promote wellness, recovery and productive lives. CPC provides over 9,000 children, adults, and families with mental health, substance use, and special education services each year. CPC High Point schools provide a therapeutic educational setting for about 200 students from ages 5 to 21 from five counties and almost 70 districts. Treatment services are provided to children and adults both in our facilities as well as out in the community.

CPC offers treatment to both youth and adults at 5 locations; Aberdeen, Howell, Freehold, Neptune, and Red Bank/Middletown, as well as their community-based programs. Addiction and Co-Occurring Recovery Services for Adults include; addiction group therapy, Medication-assisted treatment/Suboxone, Day and Night IOP. They also offer Community-Based Services Throughout Monmouth County which include; supportive housing, supported employment, integrated case management services, and a Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT).

#2 Preferred Behavioral Health Group

Recovery Centers of AmericaPreferred Behavioral Health Group is the leading behavioral healthcare organization in central New Jersey. PBHG began operations in 1978, providing quality care to those in need of guidance, counseling, and assistance with difficult personal issues. Their mission is to deliver quality and compassionate behavioral health services to individuals and families all the time through a Trauma-Informed Care philosophy and approach.

Preferred Behavioral Health Group offers the following services; Preferred Center for Children & Families, Prevention First, Substance Use Services, Mental Health Services, Family Services, Children’s Services, Teen Services, Adult Services, Senior Services, Community Services, as well as Corporate Services and Employee Assistance Programs.

PBHG operates as a non-profit with the assistance of state, federal and private donations. They accept most commercial insurance policies, Medicaid, Medicare, self-payment, and other state and federal health programs.

#3 New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health

New HopeNew Hope Foundation, New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care is a non-profit (501[c]3) corporation serving those in need of treatment for substance use, gambling, and other co-occurring mental health disorders. Founded over 40 years ago, New Hope is dedicated to providing exceptional quality, state-of-the-art care, we operate under New Jersey license with the ongoing accreditation of the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Located throughout Central New Jersey, New Hope consisted of seven Licensed and CARF-accredited residential, transitional and outpatient facilities. New Hope’s treatment settings and services are designed to meet the specific needs, circumstances, and goals of individuals and families as they strive to restore and renew their lives.

New Hope accepts private health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and other state and federal health programs as well as self-payment.

#4 Sunrise Detox

sunrise-detox-logoLocated in Toms River, tens of thousands of individuals have received treatment at this facility in the past.

Not only are its services advanced, but the facility is safe, comfortable, and full of the modern amenities you have come to expect.

With the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval, you can rest assured that quality service and safety will never be a problem.

#5 Maryville Addiction Treatment Center

maryville-logoThere is a lot to like about this treatment facility, including the fact that it accepts most major insurance carriers.

The center offers a variety of services from its four New Jersey locations, including:

  • Medically monitored detoxification
  • Residential inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient services
  • Relapse prevention
  • Exercise and nutrition planning
  • Family counseling


#5 Harmony Outpatient Center

Harmony Harmony Outpatient Center offers outpatient addiction treatment programs using specialized therapies created for sustainable health and recovery. Their drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Cherry Hill Township, NJ, is led by a clinical team of psychiatric and counseling experts dedicated to helping every client suffering from alcohol or drug addiction and mental health issues in a compassionate and welcoming environment.

Harmony Outpatient Center offers a variety of recovery programs and services including:

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs
  • Outpatient services
  • Relapse prevention
  • Aftercare Planning
  • Individual and Group Therapy

What does a rehabilitation center do?

Do you suffer from drug abuse and need assistance getting over it? You need to go to a rehabilitation center. A rehabilitation center is a treatment center that focuses on helping people leave their lives of addiction and bring back normalcy to their lives. A rehab provides medical assistance and psychotherapy as a treatment for drug addicts.


Using these treatments the experts at a rehabilitation center help people come back to society as a normal person. When a person is addicted to drugs they start doing things that cannot be classified as normal which is why they stick out from the crowd. Many of such addicts are isolated by the general public because of which it becomes extremely difficult for addicts to leave their addiction.


For addicts to leave their addictions they need an environment that is supportive and away from triggers. A rehabilitation center provides that and much more. Since they are operated by medical experts they know exactly what you need to get rid of your addiction. These centers house several addicts at the same time meaning that you get an environment of people who are suffering from the same problems as you. You are able to identify with each other and that helps you grow together. In addition to that, these rehabilitation centers cater to not just your addictions but any problems that you might have. For instance, if you have any ailments, the doctors on board will ensure that you do not suffer any problems while you’re in their care.


Since you stay in the rehabilitation center for the whole day until your required time for treatment is over the experts will constantly view your progress. They will regularly keep an eye on you to see whether you are complying with the rules and staying away from drugs. Rehabs in New Jersey are very particular about their rules.


What is the rehabilitation process?

Are you to join a rehabilitation center soon? It is possible that you are too intimidated by the idea. Rehabilitation can be quite scary for most people as they do not know what to expect. To have a stress-free experience it is a good idea to be aware of what you can expect. When you go into rehab you should be ready to accept the treatment and let it take its effect on you. This is why you must understand the process of rehabilitation, the best rehabs in NJ offers.


Pre Assessment


Before you get on with the treatment you are required to have a pre-assessment. This pre-assessment will require you to give your complete medical history along with that of your family. This information will help your doctors devise a better treatment plan for you. Doctors would like to know what drugs you might have taken over the years and in what quantity. Without this information, they will not be able to come up with an effective treatment.


Drug Detox


Many people face severe withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking drugs and that can lead to additional problems. It is because of that: doctors make sure all drug addicts first go through a detoxification. The detox will remove all the drugs in the system of the addict ensuring that their withdrawal symptoms are toned down. The detox process offered to you depends on your particular case, a doctor will look at the intensity of your addiction and recommend a detox process fit for you.


Rehabilitation Treatment


This is when the actual rehabilitation process starts. Drug addicts after completing their detoxification treatment are entered into the actual rehabilitation program that includes Psychological therapy along with medication and other recreational activities. The duration of this treatment depends solely on the severity of your case and your doctor’s recommendation.


After Treatment


When you are done with the treatment the story does not end there. You must indulge in after care so that you do not relapse. Before you leave the facility, the doctor will sit with you and agree on an after care plan that you must adhere to.


What are the different rehabs types?

Drug Addiction is vast and can be catered to in multiple ways. There are different types of rehabs New Jersey that you must look out for as they might fit your needs perfectly.


Residential Rehab


These types of rehabs are where people stay for a course of time and get their treatment. They are not required to leave and are provided with complete assistance within the facility. The patients are not permitted to leave the facility during their treatment as the doctors are consistently watching over them. These rehab centers are a controlled environment that ensures patients do not come to face triggers.


Out-Patient Rehab


This type of rehab program does not ask the patients to admit themselves to the facility but can take the required treatment and leave. The doctors call in these patients for different treatments and they can leave once they complete. This treatment plan is best suited to people who are employed somewhere or have commitments that need to be taken care of. Not everyone can just up and leave their homes and families but mustn’t compromise on the treatment. For them getting help from out-patient New Jersey drug rehab centers is the best way forward.


Intensive Out-Patient Program


This quite similar to outpatient rehab but is a lot more intensive. In this case, patients are given a schedule that they need to follow and come in for treatments. These treatment sessions are particularly extensive and can help patients save time. They can get the same treatment for practically half the time.


Support Groups


If you are someone who likes to share their lives with others, support groups are the best way for you to address your addiction. This is not exactly what you can call rehab but it helps you with your drug addiction significantly.


Who qualifies for rehabilitation?


Are you a drug addict? Are you sure you’re a drug addict? Has your drug addiction exceeded its limits? How do you that you finally need to enroll in a treatment center? Many people have a hard time realizing if they need to get enrolled in rehab. It is usually a doctor that tells you whether you need rehab but there are some symptoms that might help you realize whether or not you need the best rehab centers in NJ.


Do You Prioritize Drugs?


Drug addicts often start prioritizing drugs over everything else. When that happens you will realize that your life has lost meaning and all that you look forward to is drugs. When this starts happening you must realize it right away and seek help from detox centers in NJ. This will help you address your issues earlier on. Take a look at your past life and picture all the things that used to give you joy but don’t anymore.


Do You Have Health Scares?


Your health is the most valuable thing you own and you must take care of it as well as you can. If your drug abuse starts interfering with your health, it is a good idea that you start taking things seriously. Your health should be one of your primary concerns and nothing should hinder that.


Do You increase Doses Each Time?


When you keep taking a certain dose for a longer period of time, it stops affecting you and because of that, you keep increasing the dose every time. When you frequently start increasing your dosage you are very likely to take it up to an amount that is very dangerous for you. Additional dosage of drugs can lead to overdosage. If you think that you are soon to tap into that it is important that you get help as soon as possible from the best drug rehab NJ.


Is Quitting Becoming Impossible?


How many times have you tried to quit already? Do you think it has become impossible for you to quit on your, it is time that you connect with a treatment center New Jersey and start your rehabilitation process.


Alcohol vs Drug Rehab: What is the difference?

Are you an alcohol addict? or is it drugs that you are addicted to? Anywho you must get the help you need as soon as possible. The two addictions are treated differently, let’s take a closer look as to how:

Alcohol Rehab


Alcohol addiction starts when people start consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. The treatment of alcohol addiction kicks off with detoxification. It is very important that you get connected with the best alcohol rehab NJ and they get the best detoxification plan as per your needs. If you do not get detoxification you might experience horrific withdrawal symptoms that can lead to you dropping out from the program completely.


Once the detoxification is complete and the alcohol completely leaves your system you will be finally able to get started on the actual treatment. The actual treatment will include medicinal assistance along with therapy.


Drug Rehab


Detoxification is not a necessary step when it comes to drug addiction. The withdrawal symptoms are not as adverse and can easily be catered to by medicines.


For the rest of the treatment, the procedure is more or less the same. If you want to get the complete details of the treatment, it is best that you reach out to your doctor.


What is a treatment center?

A treatment center is basically a facility that helps drug addicts get the treatment they need and that includes all sorts of medical assistance. A treatment center is an all-inclusive facility that caters to all the needs of the patients. Treatment centers are also not just limited to cases of drug or alcohol abuse they also provide treatment for people who are suffering from ailments.


These centers serve as a getaway for people who are stuck in their circles and could benefit from a change of scenery. Since these centers are based on the residential model they are a great outlet for patients to get their minds off of things. The staff running these treatment centers are more than equipped with their education and training to rehabilitate patients. Look for the best rehab in NJ and bid your drug addiction goodbye.