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The Best Alcohol Rehabs in Florida

Florida is home to a large number of substance abuse treatment centers. These addiction treatment rehabs all vary in many different ways, some offering low costs and gathering massive numbers of patients, only to have low success rates as their treatment programs simply do not work, even when they seem like the real deal. We know just how difficult it is to start on the road to recovery and want to ensure that you connect with the best rehab possible. This is why we have put together a list of some of the best rehabs in Florida to help ensure you win your battle with addiction with proven effective treatment within a comfortable and safe environment. These are the top 10 best rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction in Florida:

Atlantic Recovery Center offers treatment to men and women suffering from substance abuse problems and addiction. This Southeast Florida treatment center is a private facility that provides each patient with individualized treatment services. Every client turning to Atlantic Recovery center for treatment will undergo the detoxification program, continuing throughout a 30, 60, or 90-day program with individualized care, offering aftercare treatment services for when returning home which helps clients to overcome their addiction and to transition into 12-step programs within their own community.

Atlantic Recovery Center offers great programs and activities that include:

  • Individualized Care
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Eating Disorders
  • Recreational Activities
  • Luxurious Housing
  • CARF & Joint Commission Accreditations

Phone: 954-504-6631
Address: 5400 S University Drive Suite 308 Davie, FL 33328

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Serenity Springs Recovery Center is located in beautiful Edgewater, Florida. Their highly trained staff of clinicians and trained addiction counselors have many years of experience dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. With an array of different therapeutic techniques in a small, intimate environment that helps keep clients constantly engaged and build on their knowledge of the disease of addiction on a daily basis.

Serenity Springs Recovery Center is fully focused on long-term recovery and they execute this by having strong aftercare planning and programming. They have monthly alumni meetings to keep clients engaged in their recovery and ensure they are making the right steps forward. See their website for more program information!

Phone: 386-423-4540

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Sunshine Shores Recovery is an addiction treatment facility located in Mount Dora, Florida, one of America’s best lake towns. Sunshine Shores Recovery wants to ensure all their clients are able to heal from addiction in a small, safe, and intimate 10-bed environment. Sunshine Shores Recovery promotes health and wellness as well as life skills training after leaving treatment. They focus on these principles to ensure that each client that walks out their doors leaves with the tools to stay sober while retaining work and social skills.

Sunshine Shores Recovery also offers many extra-curricular activities on the weekends that ready you for life outside of treatment. These include, but are not limited to, bowling, going to the beach, fishing, eating out, museums, physical fitness, and much more. Their model makes certain that every client will be successful in their recovery when they rejoin their family.

Phone: 800-248-0637

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12 Keys Rehab is a holistic drug and alcohol treatment center, located in the sunshine state of Florida. This treatment center only accepts 30 clients at a time to keep a low staff to client ratio of 1-3, ensuring that everyone gets the individualized care they need to successfully overcome addiction. Treatment at 12 Keys Rehab is focused around their owner “real recovery” approach that helps clients to develop ways of coping with stress and handling any temptation that may affect them when returning home. Focusing on healing the mind, body, and soul, clients will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world with a fresh mindset in sobriety.

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#5 Lakeside Treatment Center


Lakeside Treatment Center is a Florida substance abuse and chemical dependency treatment center, offering both effective and affordable treatment. Each client that turns to Lakeside will receive a personalized treatment plan, with each aspect to their treatment tailored to their individual needs. Lakeside is a small treatment center, making it possible for the focus to be individualized for each client, allowing staff to bond with each person and help them on their single journey in recovery.

Unity Recovery Center is a Florida treatment center that offers a multi-faceted and personal alternative to standard drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Using both traditional and holistic methods, patients are able to overcome the effects of addiction and move forward to living more fulfilling lives in sobriety. Each patient that turns to Unity Recovery Center will gain the right skills to keep them on the road of recovery.

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Hanley Center is a Caron treatment center located in West Palm, Florida. Proudly, Hanley Center has provided over 30 years of superior patient care and high recovery outcomes. Hanley is established as one of the nation’s premier centers of excellence, through leadership in advancing treatment techniques, and by pioneering age- and gender-specific programs. Each patient’s individual needs are met through a holistic treatment approach, allowing them to heal their mind, body, and soul from the effects of addiction, creating a sober and fulfilling life for themselves.

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Suncoast Rehabilitation Center is located on 3 acres in Spring Hill, Florida. The rural and peaceful area which Suncoast Rehab Center is placed, allows patients to find comfort during the healing process, acting as a therapeutic agent during treatment. Patients enter into a new, safe, trigger-free environment, away from all of the temptation of their daily lives. There is no time limit on treatment programs at Suncoast,  patients staying of average 3 to 4 months until they are ready to return home and are confident they will be able to maintain their sobriety.

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Hazelden is a residential or outpatient addiction treatment located in Naples, Florida.  This facility uses an evidence-based treatment practice and a Twelve Step approach to address the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of addiction in each individual patient. Hazelden recovery community is designed to surround each patient in hope and healing to help them move forward in lifelong recovery from addiction.

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Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is located in sunny Florida. This treatment center offers a comprehensive continuum of care which includes: intervention, detox, general treatment programs, personalized rehabilitation, and aftercare. There are programs to suit nearly anyone looking to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction with inpatient drug and alcohol treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and long-term drug and alcohol treatment. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is one of the only treatment centers that use evidence-based practices based on their own research, ensuring that each patient gets the best care suited to their individual recovery needs.

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