Best Rehab & Alcohol Treatment Centers in Florida

Florida is home to a large number of substance abuse treatment centers. These addiction treatment rehabs all vary in many different ways, some offering low costs and gathering massive numbers of patients, only to have low success rates as their treatment programs simply do not work, even when they seem like the real deal. We know just how difficult it is to start on the road to recovery and want to ensure that you connect with the best rehab possible. This is why we have put together a list of some of the best rehabs in Florida to help ensure you win your battle with addiction with proven effective treatment within a comfortable and safe environment. These are the top 10 best rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction in Florida:

#1 Agency for Community Services

Serenity Springs Recovery Center is located in beautiful Edgewater, Florida. Their highly trained staff of clinicians and trained addiction counselors have many years of experience dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. With an array of different therapeutic techniques in a small, intimate environment that helps keep clients constantly engaged and build on their knowledge of the disease of addiction on a daily basis.

Serenity Springs Recovery Center is fully focused on long-term recovery and they execute this by having strong aftercare planning and programming. They have monthly alumni meetings to keep clients engaged in their recovery and ensure they are making the right steps forward. See their website for more program information!

#2 Charlotte Behavioral Health Care


Charlotte Behavioral Health Care is one of the largest not-for-profit providers of community-based behavioral health care within its community. They offer a full range of mental health services and substance abuse treatment in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, North Port, Sarasota, and DeSoto and Lee Counties. Last year, they served over 11,000 individuals and families. 

CBHC’s main campus is located on 40 acres in Punta Gorda, FL. They are staffed with over 200 professionals – psychiatrists, licensed mental health counselors, psychologists, nursing team of RNs, ARNPs and LPN, support services of technicians, case managers, coaches and an administrative staff we continue to provide quality, compassionate and expert care.

Services at CBHC include; Batterers Intervention Program, Case Management, C.A.T. Services, Children and Adolescent Services, Court Services, Crisis Services/Central Receiving Facility, Family Support and Prevention Services, Outpatient Services, Psychiatric Services, Jay Glynn Recovery Center, S.H.A.R.E. Spot Drop-in Center, Substance abuse outpatient, Teleservices and Therapeutic Family Care. CBHC’s mission is to partner with their patients to instill hope, inspire growth, and embrace life.

Charlotte Behavioral Health Care is committed to making treatment as affordable as possible. Most Medicaid and Medicare HMOs are accepted, as well as private insurance, when applicable. For individuals without insurance coverage, a sliding fee scale is utilized for services, based on family size and income.

#3 Coastal Behavioral Healthcare


Coastal Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization that provides behavioral health treatment services Sarasota, Charlotte, and Lee counties. For over 40 years they have cared for their community through affordable evidence-based behavioral healthcare services for children, adolescents, adults, seniors and their families who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues. 

Coastal Behavioral Health is accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs and Prevention Programs. They have a support team of highly trained and educated professionals including full-time physicians who are Board Certified in Addiction Medicine.

ADULT SERVICES include;  Behavioral Health Access Center, Compeer, Healthy Choices, The Kreisman Center Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU), Lee County Mental Health Court, Lee County Veterans Court Program, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Addiction
MEND, Outpatient Care Coordination, Outpatient Psychiatric Services, Outpatient Therapy, Targeted Case Management, and Women’s Substance Abuse program. CHILDREN SERVICES include; Behavioral Health Access Center, Compass Center, Family Life Intervention Program (FLIP), Journeys, Outpatient Care Coordination, Outpatient Psychiatric Services, and Outpatient Therapy.

#4 Lakeside Treatment Center


Lakeside Treatment Center is a Florida substance abuse and chemical dependency treatment center, offering both effective and affordable treatment. Each client that turns to Lakeside will receive a personalized treatment plan, with each aspect to their treatment tailored to their individual needs. Lakeside is a small treatment center, making it possible for the focus to be individualized for each client, allowing staff to bond with each person and help them on their single journey in recovery.

#5 Unity Recovery Center


Unity Recovery Center is a Florida treatment center that offers a multi-faceted and personal alternative to standard drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Using both traditional and holistic methods, patients are able to overcome the effects of addiction and move forward to living more fulfilling lives in sobriety. Each patient that turns to Unity Recovery Center will gain the right skills to keep them on the road of recovery.

#6 Hanley Center


Hanley Center is a Caron treatment center located in West Palm, Florida. Proudly, Hanley Center has provided over 30 years of superior patient care and high recovery outcomes. Hanley is established as one of the nation’s premier centers of excellence, through leadership in advancing treatment techniques, and by pioneering age- and gender-specific programs. Each patient’s individual needs are met through a holistic treatment approach, allowing them to heal their mind, body, and soul from the effects of addiction, creating a sober and fulfilling life for themselves.

#7 Suncoast Drug Rehab Center


Suncoast Rehabilitation Center is located on 3 acres in Spring Hill, Florida. The rural and peaceful area which Suncoast Rehab Center is placed, allows patients to find comfort during the healing process, acting as a therapeutic agent during treatment. Patients enter into a new, safe, trigger-free environment, away from all of the temptation of their daily lives. There is no time limit on treatment programs at Suncoast,  patients staying of average 3 to 4 months until they are ready to return home and are confident they will be able to maintain their sobriety.

#8 Hazelden


Hazelden is a residential or outpatient addiction treatment located in Naples, Florida.  This facility uses an evidence-based treatment practice and a Twelve Step approach to address the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of addiction in each individual patient. Hazelden recovery community is designed to surround each patient in hope and healing to help them move forward in lifelong recovery from addiction.

#9 DACCO Behavioral Health


DACCO is one of Florida’s largest community-based providers of behavioral health services, reaching over 25,000 persons annually through prevention and treatment. They provide substance abuse and mental health services in Hillsborough, Polk Counties and surrounding areas. 

The Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs and Prevention Programs. DACCO has a team of highly trained and educated professionals including full-time physicians who are Board Certified in Addiction Medicine. They are affiliated with the University of Florida which provides access to the newest research on addiction treatment and experts in UF’s Addiction Medicine Program which includes a training program at DACCO.

DACCO has a state-of-the-art Center for Behavioral Health in Tampa, Florida. Here they provide a comprehensive range of behavioral health services.The facility includes two family living duplexes where mothers progress through treatment without being separated from their children.

DACCO’s drug and alcohol programs are designed to offer comprehensive addiction treatment to meet the spiritual, physical, and psychological needs of each individual. Treatment services are provided to those with substance abuse problems as well as those with co-occurring mental health disorders. DACCO offers a full range of services in their family of facilities many located within minutes of their main location in East Tampa

What does a rehabilitation center do?

Have you been wondering what a rehabilitation center does? You might have been asked by your doctor to get enrolled into a rehabilitation center as soon as possible. So what exactly is a rehabilitation center? A rehabilitation center is a facility that caters to the needs and rehabilitation of drug addicts. Just like a hospital treats people with medical illnesses, a rehabilitation center treats people who have been suffering from drug abuse.


A rehabilitation center is a program designed by medical experts who are trained and educated with all the insights of what drug addiction actually is and how it should be treated. Rehabilitation centers offer programs that help drug addicts address their problems and reach a solution that will help them re-enter the society as a normal person. While taking drugs many of us loose sense of our real selves and the society we live in. It is because of that, living and surviving in a normal society becomes more than difficult for drug addicts and they need the rehabilitation to bring back normalcy to their lives.


A rehabilitation center is run by medical professionals. It is only doctors and other trained staff members that take care of your needs. These doctors use a mixture of medical assistance and psychotherapy to help drug addicts isolate their addictions. These facilities are usually residential that ensure drug addicts are given an environment that is not infested with triggers that will surely pull a drug addict down. Rehabilitation centers house multiple addicts together and that helps build peer learning. Drug addicts view this environment as something they can relate to and are not isolated.


Not only that, a rehabilitation treatment center Florida makes sure that your health is at its prime. They will focus on providing you assistance that does not limit to your addiction but helps you in a holistic manner.


What is the rehabilitation process?

You are already in a vulnerable stage and can do without any surprises. Before you enroll yourself in a rehabilitation program it is essential that you know exactly how it works. It can be quite challenging to step into something that you have no idea about. Awareness is always a plus. If you are completely aware of the rehabilitation process you will readily accept the treatment. Because of which the treatment will be more effective. Best rehabs in Florida explain the complete procedure to you before you begin your treatment. Here is the process most of the rehabs in Florida follow.


Pre Assessment

It is crucial for the doctors to know your complete drug history along with your medical history. The reason is that this allows them to understand just how severe your drug addiction is and what medical complications can hinder your rehabilitation process. They might sit you down and record all of your histories before they devise a treatment plan for you. For additional information they might even ask for the medical history in your family or if there have been drug addicts around you while you were growing up. All this data collection is routine so you shouldn’t worry about it.


Drug Detox


Detoxification is an important step in your rehabilitation journey. Drugs can stay in your system for a long period of time. When you stop taking additional drugs that can cause you problems such as withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can be severe and can make the rehabilitation process quite difficult for drug addicts. Best treatment centers in Florida always focus on detoxification first.


Rehabilitation Treatment


Once your system is completely free from drugs, that’s when the actual rehabilitation takes place. The rehabilitation treatment includes medical treatment along with therapy sessions that ensure that the mind and body are both nursed to health.


After Treatment


After you have spent a recommended time in the rehabilitation center you are then required to go home or back to your normal life. However, your treatment does not stop here. To ensure that you stay on track it is important that you pay attention to the aftercare as that will help you not succumb the triggers in real life.


What are the different rehabs types?


Every drug addiction case is unique and cannot be treated in the same way. This is there are different types of rehabs Florida that can help you address your drug addiction problems the way you want. Let’s take a look at all the options you have:


Residential Rehab


Residential rehab is exactly what its name suggests. Drug addicts come here to live for a recommended period of time to address their addiction problems. These rehabs focus on monitoring the activity of each patient and help them stay away from drugs or other triggers that can bring about a relapse. The best rehabs in Florida that provide residence also ensure that all your physical and mental conditions are well taken care of and that you can solely focus on your drug addiction.


Out-Patient Rehab


Outpatient rehab is a facility that allows patients to leave on a daily basis once they have received their rehabilitation treatment. These rehabs design treatment plans in a way that you are not required to stay overnight and go to attend whatever commitments you have. This is best for people who do not have severe drug addictions and do not have to be monitored 24/7.


Intensive Out-Patient Program


With regards to rehabilitation treatment, this and simple out-patient programs are both very similar. However, the difference lies within the intensity of the treatment. This type of treatment is more intensive but is not given as frequently as the others are. If you are very short on time and cannot make it to your rehabilitation center for regular treatment, this option is probably the only one you have.


ISupport Groups


Support groups are becoming increasingly common as rehabilitation treatment. They basically offer you a platform where you can talk to different people who are going through the same things as you> Using this platform you can share your story and learn from others.


Who qualifies for rehabilitation?


Drug addiction can be quite tricky, you might never know exactly how addicted you are and if you finally need to address your addiction. It is important that you take the right step at the right time and that includes seeking treatment before it gets too late. Best rehab centers in Florida spread awareness as to what are the telltale signs you need rehab. Here are to list a few:


Does Your Life Revolve Around Drugs?

The biggest sign that your addiction has crossed bounds is that you think about taking drugs all the time. There are several more things in life that one needs to think about. If you do not think about any of those and focus your thoughts solely o drugs then it’s best that you get a doctor’s appointment as quickly as possible. Florida rehabs can help you with the doctor you need.


Are You Compromising On Your Health?

Health is something that you should never compromise on. Addicts become too invested in drugs that they stop caring about their health entirely. They stop caring if they are eating the right food or if they are even consuming enough food, to begin with. If you think that it is because of your obsession with drugs that you are ignoring your health, start taking it seriously.


Are You Taking Higher Doses?

The thing with drugs is that if you keep taking the same dose for a long time, it will stop impacting you. And gradually you will have to increase the dosage. When the dosage reaches a dangerously high amount you must be careful and get help as soon as possible. If you further delay it you might end up overdosing yourself and the damages will be unsalvageable.


How Many Times Have You Failed Quitting?

Have you tried quitting drugs on your own? It is not as easy as some people make it out to be. Quitting drugs can be quite difficult and is seldom successful if you are doing it all on your own. This is why it is wise to get help from the best drug rehab in Florida.


Alcohol vs Drug Rehab: What is the difference?

You can find many Florida alcohol rehab centers and many drug rehab centers, the reason why you can find them separately is that they have different treatments. Both addictions are to be treated differently to ensure that they are effective.


Alcohol Rehab


If you are an alcohol addict, the first thing that you need to take care of is getting detox. Best alcohol rehab centers in Florida will surely target detoxification first as it helps bring down your withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are the worse and can have adverse effects on the patient. This is why detoxification is a crucial step as it removes all the traces of alcohol from your system. This also helps in making sure that the rehabilitation treatment is quite effective.


Only if you are completely detoxified should you begin with the actual detoxification treatment. This typically includes medicines and therapies along with activities that help you understand the workings of society. Look for the best alcohol rehab in Florida and you will get all this.


Drug Rehab


Drug addictions can be treated without using detoxification. You do not have to go for detox as a prerequisite. You can jump right into the treatment and you will not have adverse withdrawal symptoms.


What is a treatment center?

Treatment centers are rehabilitation facilities where patients are cared for with regard to their addictions. These addictions can be based on drugs as well as any other addictive substances. These facilities are run by medical experts who have a vast knowledge of addiction and how to treat a drug addict. Not only that but all other needs that include other ailments are also taken care of when in the care of best treatment centers in Florida.

Many drug addicts view treatment centers as their mini vacations as they get to spend time away from their toxic environment ensuring that they get the best care possible. Here you get a mixture of treatment that will not only focus on fixing your addiction but help you learn the workings of society so you can enter the real world again.