Northeast Addiction Treatment Center: The Best Addiction Treatment Center in Quincy, Massachusetts

Drug addiction is a common problem for people across the globe, and is becoming increasingly prevalent in Massachusetts. While addiction can be an isolating journey, finding treatment providers who understand the struggles you are going through can provide a doorway to hope and a brighter future.

At Quit Alcohol, our goal is to link you with a drug or alcohol treatment center that provides professional support and healing services that get to the root of addictive tendencies. If you are in the Quincy, Massachusetts area and are seeking substance use disorder treatment, Northeast Addiction Treatment Center provides compassionate support when you need it most.

Top Ranked Addiction Treatment in Quincy MA: Northeast Addictions Treatment Center:

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center is dedicated to helping people holistically deal with their drug addictions. Northeast Addictions Treatment Center offers a variety of programs that are designed to help individuals recover successfully in a compassionate environment with lifelong healing at the core.

To ensure success, Northeast Addictions Treatment Center comes up with customized treatment plans for each of its patients and provides professional treatment advice based on an individual’s unique experience. Each patient is examined properly keeping their medical history and other conditions in mind. With a focus on detoxification and a wide range of treatments from an inpatient program to an intensive outpatient program, individuals are set up to receive treatment that matches their level of addiction, mental health concerns, and goals for the future.

Programs that Meet Your Unique Needs

You are not your addiction. But like your addiction, you are unique and require treatment that considers your past, present, and goals for the future to create a substance abuse treatment program that will carry you through challenging parts of recovery. Dedication to the needs of each individual is one reason why Northeast Addiction Treatment Center is ranked as a top addiction recovery center in Quincy. With a variety of programs available, individuals struggling with addiction and their family members can rest assured of access to the right level of care, every time.

Day Treatment Program

Day treatment programs, also known as a partial hospitalization program, are the ideal outpatient program for individuals with less severe addiction who do not need 24/7 surveillance. These programs allow patients to come into the addiction recovery center for several hours, multiple times per week for therapy with top-rated therapists. Along with therapy, these individuals will learn tools that can help combat future addictive behaviors.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Intensive Outpatient is a solution for individuals who sleep at home but are required to come into the rehab facility multiple hours per week. This treatment solution is for those who have recently completed detox, and need a more flexible schedule than inpatient or day treatment options to provide. To qualify for Intensive Outpatient, patients must be present at the facility nine hours per week. This treatment option is a nod to the flexibility and personalized accommodations provided at Northeast Addiction Treatment Center.

Outpatient Program

Outpatient rehab allows individuals struggling with substance abuse to live at home or on their own while finding the confidence and skills to navigate their addiction. Patients come to the facility at least once per week and are also encouraged to complete the 12-Step Program, which has proved beneficial when substance abuse treatment has been completed.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When a mental health problem coincides with an addiction, special treatment measures are needed to ensure each individual receives the care needed for a successful recovery. Northeast Addiction Treatment Center calls treatment that takes mental health issues into account “dual-diagnosis” treatment, and it is vital to the recovery of many of those who struggle with substance abuse. The top-rated mental health professionals in Quincy, MA will work with you or your loved one to ensure they are not only being treated for their addiction, but their mind, body, and spirit as a whole.

Aftercare Addiction Services

Northeast Addiction Services boasts a goal of those who have accomplished sobriety can relate to, “Generate Happiness Through Recovering.” It’s true, the lasting effects of sobriety can generate happiness and satisfaction, but not without dedicated work. Northeast Addiction Treatment Center works to ensure all patients are equipped to prepare for the challenges of recovery, even when the program is completed through aftercare services. Aftercare includes learning self-care skills, as well as building positive community and relationships.

Telemedicine Services

Another reason Northeast Addiction Treatment Center ranks so highly on QuitAlcohol’s list of the top rehab centers is its dedication to accessibility for all patients. Telemedicine Services for addiction treatment allow anyone to access customized care and healing, from anywhere in the world.

Specialized Therapy Quincy, MA

Therapy is a large part of success and healing for Northeast Addiction Treatment Center and drug rehab. From EMDR which can help an individual navigate a traumatic event, to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which can help create healthier habits, this rehab facility believes that the emotional and spiritual side should be treated, along with the physical side. For the #1 ranked rehab center in Quincy, MA, therapy is a priority, and the results of this well-rounded treatment speak for themselves.

Making the Right Decision: Drug Rehab Quincy MA

Addiction can be a lonely road. But with someone by your side, the journey becomes easier to navigate. Northeast Addiction Treatment Center’s goal is to create an individualized roadmap so those who suffer from addiction have a reliable source to understand the way back home.

You are worthy of recovery. If you are considering addiction treatment, and need access to additional resources to help you make the best decision for your unique needs, reach out to us at Quit Alcohol. We are here to support you, no matter where you are in your journey to recovery.