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Medications and Vitamins Used for Detox

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Vitamins ImageDuring detoxification, you will find yourself adjusting to life without a dependence on drugs and/or alcohol. While there are sure to be many challenges along the way, including withdrawal symptoms, it is important to realize that there are steps you can take to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Those who receive treatment at a rehab facility have access to a variety of medications and vitamins meant to make detoxification more comfortable.

Medications for Detox

There are many medications used for detox, with Methadone and suboxone among the most common. These drugs are part of the opiate family, and are meant to block cravings and pain during detox.

Note: if you plan on using these powerful prescription drugs during detox, it is important to be followed closely by a doctor.

Vitamins for Detox

Just the same as medications, there are vitamins that can curb withdrawal symptoms and cravings during detox.

Vitamin C, for example, is a good choice as it can attach itself to toxins to cleanse the body. Along with this, Vitamin C will help build the strength of your immune system.

Many people who have struggled with substance abuse often find that they are short on niacin and vitamin B. By adding these to your diet, it is possible to speed up the recovery process. Much the same as vitamin C, niacin has cleansing properties that can flush toxins from the body.

If you are going through detoxification on your own, you will not have access to prescription medications. For this reason, the use of vitamins is essential. Those who check into a rehab facility will find themselves in position to speak with medical professionals about the use of medication to speed up and make detoxification as comfortable as possible.

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