When Is Alcohol Too Much Alcohol?

Written by ,on 25 August 2014

There is nothing wrong with having a drink from time to time, as this is something many people enjoy. However,

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Alcohol Abuse Self-Test

Written by ,on 21 August 2014

Are you worried that you have developed an addiction to alcohol? Are you concerned that you are drinking entirely too

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Urine Alcohol Tests: What You Need to Know

Written by ,on 18 August 2014

Many people are asked to take a urine alcohol test as a condition of employment, or in the event that

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The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Written by ,on 14 August 2014

Despite the fact that drinking and driving is against the law, many people decide to get behind the wheel after

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Statistics: What You Need to Know

Written by ,on 10 July 2014

Do you have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol? While it is easy to believe you are alone, there are

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Addiction and the Brain

Written by ,on 03 July 2014

Many people believe that overcoming an addiction is nothing more than “mind over matter,” however, this is not typically true.

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Lower Risk Guidelines for Alcohol

Written by ,on 16 June 2014

As you know, there is a big difference between drinking alcohol and doing so to the point of developing an

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The Effects of Alcohol on Your Liver

Written by ,on 01 May 2014

While there is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol in moderation, those who go overboard often times find this having a

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Written by ,on 06 March 2014

Brief Description Alcohol is created by fermenting yeast, sugars and starches. It is known as ethyl alcohol or ethanol, and

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Alcohol Abuse in College

Written by ,on 04 July 2013

Many say that alcohol is a “rite of passage” for college students that are transitioning into adulthood. Many young adults

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