PTSD & Alcohol Abuse in US Veterans

Written by ,on 21 July 2016

It’s widely understood that many members of the military become afflicted with PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder. This condition develops due

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Death by Alcohol

Written by ,on 23 June 2016

Each year, excessive alcohol use is responsible for 88 thousand deaths in the United States. Excessive drinking is defined as

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Binge Drinking | Does It Make Me an Alcoholic? –

Written by ,on 16 April 2016

“Let’s get drunk!” As a young adult, an elder, a college student, a long-time alcoholic, a recovering alcoholic, a first-time

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How Your Drinking is Hurting Your Children

Written by ,on 15 April 2016

Alcoholism is known as a family disease. This is because your drinking does not only have negative effects on your

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Accepting You Have a Problem with Alcohol

Written by ,on 15 April 2016

No one starts drinking alcohol with the intentions of becoming an alcoholic. Unfortunately a great deal of men and women

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How Families Are Affected By Alcoholism

Written by ,on 25 March 2016

Alcoholism is not a self-contained disease that only affects the person who drinks. Addiction overtakes an entire household and creates

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Student Health: Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Written by ,on 22 January 2016

Every student has some general knowledge of drugs and alcohol. Students may even know someone currently engaged in substance abuse.

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How to Stop an Alcoholic from Drinking

Written by ,on 20 March 2015

Do you know somebody who drinks too much alcohol? Do you consider this person to be an alcoholic? If so,

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How to Get an Alcoholic Help

Written by ,on 05 March 2015

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, in 2012 87.6 percent of people ages 18 or older

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Regulations for Drinking and Driving

Written by ,on 04 September 2014

Over the years, drinking and driving regulations and laws have changed in the United States. With each change, the authorities

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