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Organizations that Fight Against Drinking and Driving

Written by ,on 01 April 2019

Drinking and driving accounts for thousands of vehicle accidents every year, many of which result in injury or death among

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Alcohol Overdose

Written by ,on 25 February 2019

The idea that you are at risk of an alcohol overdose or have recently experienced one may have you worried

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7 Drinks That Lead to Bad Hangovers

Written by ,on 21 August 2018

If you are a fan of alcoholic drinks, you probably know that some of them cause worse hangovers than others.

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Is there a Link between Female Adolescent Drinking & Osteoporosis?

Written by ,on 24 July 2018

Here’s some good news. There has been a decline in heavy drinking among male high school and college students over

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Alcoholism Linked with High Dopamine Levels

Written by ,on 19 June 2018

The role that specific receptors in the brain play in addiction is becoming increasingly documented, and our understanding of how

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College Women Drink more than Men

Written by ,on 01 May 2018

A convergence between the alcohol consumption habits of American men and women is occurring, and nowhere is this more evident

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Why American Women Drink More

Written by ,on 18 April 2018

In the 1800s, it wasn’t considered socially acceptable for a woman to drink like a man. It wasn’t “ladylike,” so

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New Study Breaks Binge Drinking Down

Written by ,on 05 April 2018

Alcohol, in some way or another, kills 88,000 American people every single year. More than half of these deaths occur

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Raising Awareness of the Dangers of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Written by ,on 06 February 2018

In American culture, the drinking of alcoholic beverages is not only perceived as normal, but is also glorified for many

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The Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Written by ,on 01 February 2018

The disease of alcoholism is one of the most prevalent diseases in the entire world. America in particular has quite

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