Destructive Decisions caused by Alcohol Abuse

Published on February 23rd, 2016

Alcohol can have a very strong impact on an individual’s life. Making smart choices is something that’s built everyone, but these choices may be misconstrued because of alcohol. Alcohol is a responsibility and must be dealt with self-control. When you drink, your decisions become impaired. If your actions become more aggressive and impulsive when consuming alcohol, you may need to consider quitting alcohol.

All the things you do when you consume alcohol have a long-term effect on your life. Drinking and driving, something that has been at the forefront of teen deaths for years is something that can easily be prevented. There are so many alternatives today to avoid getting behind the wheel when impaired. Uber, taxis, and trains are all there for these times, this is a part of making responsible decisions. Although, our culture, especially men, feel that we can’t get a taxi home. That getting a taxi home is us “conceding”. When you are intoxicated and make poor decisions, everyone loses. No good can come out of poor decision making when alcohol is involved.

Drinking and driving isn’t the only destructive decision caused by alcohol. When people get drunk, they like to have a good time and can mean seeing the opposite sex. Whether it’s at a party or a bar. We see the others we’re attracted to and want to get ourselves involved with them. This can lead to unprotected sex. This is something that can clearly be avoided. By making smarter decisions, you can simply not have as much to drink or don’t drink at all. You can plan and protect yourself by doing something as simple as even bringing protection, or staying abstinent. If alcohol is continuously causing you to make poor decisions, quitting alcohol is for you.

In today’s culture, young people are drinking at earlier and earlier ages. We as adults need to educate young people in order for them to make better choices. By giving them education and options, we’re saving ourselves from repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Drinking and bad decisions go hand in hand. If we can stop it at the forefront we can promote good decision making. If you or a loved one is constantly making poor decisions because of alcohol, it may be time to quit alcohol or, if necessary, go to an addiction rehabilitation center.

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