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The Rehab Drug: What is it?

Editor Dan Schimmel, LCSW, CAP
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With so many people addicted to drugs and alcohol, many find themselves experimenting with a variety of treatment options.

A powerful drug, known as ibogaine, is receiving a lot of attention due to its ability to help people overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol.


Despite its power and perceived benefits, ibogaine remains illegal because of its risks.

In short, ibogaine is a powerful hallucinogen that comes from the bark of a tree that can only be found in some parts of West Africa.

According to some who have taken ibogaine, after a single dose they no longer experienced cravings. Instead, their addiction more or less disappeared.

Beware of the Side Effects

Shortly after taking ibogaine, most people begin to experience hallucinations. From there, many hours of vomiting is common. Despite the unpleasant experience, many swear by the drug. After recovering from the side effects of ibogaine, these people claim they were clean and not faced with any of the common withdrawal symptoms of the drug they were abusing.

At this time, ibogaine remains illegal in the United States. However, the National Institute for Drug Abuse is funding scientific trials in the near future based around a synthetic drug with similar properties.

Over the years, many people believe they have found a way to quickly and efficiently overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. While some swear by the impact ibogaine has had on their life, this powerful drug remains illegal in the United States because of the health risks, including death.

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