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Rate of Alcohol Addiction

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Studies show that men tend to develop alcohol addiction faster than women. However this is different for each individual alcohol user. There are many different factors that determine the rate of an alcohol addiction occurring in the individual person and how severe their addiction may become.

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Source: CDC.Gov

Determining Factors of Addiction

Alcohol addiction does not happen over night. Chronic and excessive use  of alcohol often leads to a tolerance where the individual will require more alcohol to acheive the desired effects. The rate in which alcohol addiction occurs is determined by the amount of alcohol consumed, how often it is consumed the the individual as well as the size of the individual consuming the alcohol. Each persons body breaks down alcohol at its own rate, however most meet the average rate and addiction develops months into chronic and excessive use of alcohol.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Common signs of an alcohol addiction begins with a tolerance to alcohol. The users thoughts and actions then become consumed by alcohol; drinking alcohol or planning out when they will have their next drink. They may ignore regular obligations such as work, school, family life, maintaining their appearance, lack of interest in hobbies and so on. When stopping the use of alcohol abruptly they will experience withdrawal symptoms that vary in severity. These withdrawal symptoms often will send the user back to alcohol for relief.

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

For most an Alcohol Treatment Center is needed to overcome and alcohol addiction. In a safe and secure environment the patient will receive 24-7 supportive care from Doctors and chemical dependency specialists. The patient will be cleansed of the chemicals and toxins related to alcohol use during the detoxification process. They will continue to work through the psychological aspects to their addiction during therapy and counseling as well as gaining the tools they will need to maintain their sobriety. With the right treatment each patient will be able to find success in recovery and acheive the goal of life long sobriety.

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