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Interventions in Alcohol Addiction

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alcohol intervention imageIf you have a loved one who is suffering from Alcoholism you are fully aware of how difficult it can be to get them to receive treatment. Unfortunately no matter how much we push and pull at them trying to get them into a treatment center they will not find success until they are ready. Setting up an Intervention for your loved one will allow you to express your concern for your loved one and work with other friends and family to help them seek help for their addiction to alcohol.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is confronting a loved one regarding their addiction to alcohol. The intervention process is typically used for those with an alcohol addiction that has reached a crisis level. When confronting a loved one you will explain to them how their alcohol use is affecting their life negatively as well as the effects it is having on all those closest to them.

Who Preforms an Intervention?

A chemical dependency specialist will lead the intervention with the help of friends and family. They are there as an advocate for the alcoholic, helping them to realize that treatment is the best option for them. They will help you and your loved ones to express your feelings in a productive way to not make the alcoholic feel as if they as being attacked. The intervention will be carefully planned and rehearsed to be most effective in helping your loved on realize they need treatment for their alcohol addiction.

Does Intervention Work?

When being faced with their alcohol problem many will attempt to run and hide. When approached by an intervention specialist, friends and family the results are often positive. This is because they are being talked to in a healthy and productive way, typically within a neutral environment. Most who get to the crisis point in their addiction will be ready for treatment.

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