Top 10 Luxury Rehab Centers

Published on September 30th, 2013

There used to be a time when checking into a rehab center was looked down upon. In today’s world, a growing number of people realize the importance of receiving professional help before their problem grows out of control.

See the Top Ten Luxury Rehab Centers in the United States

Luxury Centers for the Affluent

Fortunately for those who find themselves in this position, rehab centers are more advanced than ever before. Not only are many of these located in some of the nicest parts of the world, but some are focused on luxury features and amenities including:

  • Private rooms
  • Gourmet chefs
  • Variety of activities

Along with this, you can also expect access to some of the best medical professionals in the world.

The following 10 rehab centers are successful in treating patients, while also providing each and every person with a high quality experience.

1) Futures of the Palm Beaches – Tequesta, Florida

futures of the palm beachesLocated minutes from the world famous Jupiter, Florida, Futures if ab absolutely stunning facility and there is a reason it is ranked #1 in the world amongst all other luxury rehab centers; the highest quality staff and facilities.

The location is beautiful and something you have to consider a bonus for the Futures of the Palm Beaches guests. The reason they stand out is simple: they provide patients with more individualized care than any other treatment center. This includes everything from a minimum of 16 individual sessions per month to a 24 hour nursing staff – and that is just the start.

Futures Introduction Video

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2) Passages Malibu – Malibu, California

passages malibu

With two locations in Southern California, those in need of drug and alcohol treatment will find the help they are looking for.

Their flagship establishment, located on 10 acres in Malibu (overlooking the Pacific Ocean), has set the bar high in terms of luxury. With its tranquil setting, patients can get away from the outside world as a means of bettering their personal life.

Passages Malibu Introductory Video

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3) Cirque Lodge – Sundance, Utah

cirque lodge

It may not be the most convenient location, but that hasn’t stopped patients from all walks of life from visiting for rehab.

One of the most unique features of this rehab center is the fact that all patients are flown into the facility on a helicopter.

Cirque Lodge is well known for its equine treatment, with patients urged to forge a relationship with the many horses kept on site.

Cirque Lodge’s Introductory Video

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Promises – Los Angeles, California

For more than 25 years, Promises has been helping people who are facing an addiction or mental health issue.

Promises has made a name for itself, not only because of their location, but because of their Malibu Model of treatment.

When you combine luxury with a long standing history of results, you end up at Promises.

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Cottonwood de Tucson – Tucson, Arizona

cottonwood de tusconGo back in time and Cottonwood de Tucson was a dude ranch. In today’s day and age, it serves as a rehab center for those dealing with the following issues: substance abuse, rage issues, gambling addictions, eating disorders, and depression.

This rehab center has programs for both adults and adolescents.

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Sober Living by the Sea – Newport Beach, California

sober living by the seaThe name says it all, right? At this rehab center, you are going to get sober while living by the sea.

They take a unique approach to treating addictions, focusing heavily on outdoor activities and physical fitness. Patients are urged to take part in a variety of activities, including surfing, hiking, and volleyball among others.

In addition to sobriety treatment, Sober Living by the Sea is well known for its eating disorder facility.

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Caron Foundation – Wernersville, Pennsylvania

CaronIt may not be the most luxurious rehab center on the list, but its location on more than 100 acres of rural land is something many people fall in love with. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of a busy life is often times the first step in beating an addiction. This is exactly what is offered at the Caron Foundation.

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The Meadows Clinic – Phoenix, Arizona

medowsThis rehab center is a favorite among celebrities thanks to its location in the Sonoran desert and variety of luxury perks.

Although the clinic provides plenty of luxury features, don’t overlook the team of medical professionals – including psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists – that help patients overcome a variety of issues such as: substance abuse, gambling addiction, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

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Solutions Recovery Center – Boca Raton, Florida

solutions recovery centerWith its  popular “The Break Free Plan,” Solutions Recovery Center offers an individualized treatment program for each and every patient. Add in the fact that the center is located in beautiful Boca Raton and it is easy to see why so many come here when they are in need of treatment.


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