Overcoming Alcoholism

Published on June 25th, 2016

Alcohol has been used both socially and medicinally throughout history. While most can control their alcohol use, others find themselves drinking excessively. When suffering from an alcohol abuse problem you can feel overpowered by the urge to drink alcohol. If you are ready to take the first step in your recovery by admitting you can a problem, a rehabilitation facility can help you to develop the tools needed to overcome alcoholism.

Starting the Treatment Process

When entering into a rehabilitation facility you will undergo an intake assessment. This will allow Doctors and staff to get a full understanding of your alcohol abuse problem and to set up an individualized treatment plan to help you in your recovery.


Detoxification is typically the first phase of the treatment process. During this time you will be in a hospital-type facility where you will receive 24/7 supervised medical care. This will ensure your health and safety and allow you to find comfort as you withdrawal from alcohol. Depending on the severity of your alcohol abuse problem you may be prescribed medications to ease symptoms of withdrawal.

Therapy and Counseling

When going through a treatment program you will undergo regular therapy and counseling sessions. This will allow you to get to the root cause of your addiction and work through it. During this time you will identify triggers and develop the skills needed to maintain your sobriety in your daily life. You will develop a true understanding of your addiction and be prepared to return home.

Developing a Support System

When leaving a rehabilitation center it is important to have a support system in place. Attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can offer you their support and give you a sponsor to turn to for guidance in your recovery. While your friends and family with be great supporters of your sobriety it is important to have people to turn to with an understanding of the disease and personal experience, you will find this in local AA meetings.

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