How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last?

Published on February 6th, 2013

alcohol withdrawal pictureAlcohol dependency may be in control of your life. Years of alcohol use and abuse has taken a toll on your body and made it so that you feel as if quitting is nearly impossible. Withdrawal symptoms can be painful and overwhelming, often sending alcoholics back to the bottle for comfort. If you are ready to once and for all quit drinking alcohol then assistance from an alcohol rehab (inpatient or outpatient), self help group and/or strong at home support group will help you achieve this goal.


Regardless to if you are planning to go at it alone or with medical assistance the first step to quitting drinking is detox. The detox process cleanses your body of the chemicals and toxins related to alcohol abuse, this is the withdrawal period. The symptoms of withdrawal you will experience can vary in severity and type. Some experience cloudiness and anxiety, others extreme pain, physically ill and tremors…and the list goes on.

The BIG Question…

For most the question arises “how long does alcohol withdrawal last?” On average withdrawal will last 1 week but this varies by individual. The length of time and severity of your alcohol withdrawal depends on how long you have been drinking, how often and how much alcohol you consume each time.

Seeking Help

It is strongly advised by medical professions that if you are suffering from alcoholism or an alcohol abuse problem that you seek treatment. Alcohol rehabilitation centers will help aid you through the withdrawal process and help you to work through all aspects of your recovery. Rather than painfully going through the withdrawal period alone you can have the care and support of chemical dependency specialist and other medical professionals trained in alcohol dependency. A nonaddictive prescription medication can even be given to ease your symptoms of withdrawal. With the care and support you will receive in an alcohol treatment center you will be able to successfully work through your addiction and being sober living.

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