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We update our treatment center rankings once a year based on a proprietary formula that takes into account program standards and practices, facilities, recovery rates and more.

  • Solutions Recovery Center

    Solutions Recovery Center

    Solutions offers self-directed individualized treatment options, affordable services, as well as a tranquil facility. Their Break Free Plan distinguishes them from the rest of the centers in the United States.

  • Inspirations Recovery Center

    Inspirations Recovery Center

    Paradise Recovery Center is a top treatment facility for a reason. Their one of a kind facilities and high quality treatment program are amongst the best in the world.

  • Sober College

    Sober College

    If you are looking for treatment for a young adult, ages 18 to 26, Sober College is the place to explore. Their innovative approach to dual diagnosis addiction treatment integrates rehabilitation services with academics to help clients learn the tools they need to stay sober long after they leave treatment.

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